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Saturday, March 21, 2015

...and then she scrapped, and it was gooood

i'm pretty proud of myself for finishing my december daily and not getting distracted with other layouts that were begging to be done.

yes, these photos are almost 6 months old, but i'd already had them printed and the layouts came together quite quickly and it was so nice to scrap a traditional layout.

the first layout is inspired by a class that trina mcclune [coincidentally] ran 2 days before mikaela's birthday.  the kits provided are always so generous that there's plenty of product leftover to re-create favourite layouts.

the facing page is basically a pocket page with another photo taken [down at our harbour] on the same day.  the paper is double sided and i just had to use both sides!

additional photos, the menu from our family dinner that night, receipts from the day, and of course 'the interview' complete the page.

Friday, March 20, 2015

December Daily: Days 14-31

yes it's march and i've only just finished my december daily

what's your point?

sometimes life gets in the way of documenting your life
oh yes it does

i'm congratulating myself on finishing this, and am really happy with the finished product.  i know i'm going to enjoy picking up this album in a couple of months' time, and ESPECIALLY when december 2015 rolls around, to see what's changed (and what's stayed the same).

i'm LOVING ali edward's kits (i did 'day in the life' back in october and have just ordered my first story kit).

my DD kit looks like it was hardly used and have plenty of product to use this year or on other christmas-themed projects.

some days i struggled that my DD wasn't christmas-themed every day (as ali's is), but then i reminded myself that it's MY album and no-one else.

one of katelin's oldest friends started an album for katelin's best friend during december and it turned out to be a mammoth project - which she DID complete, but that's not the point.  i LOVED having her at the house and in the next room - 2 generations crafting, and i loved that she could use my 'stash'.

some of my foundation pages are lifted directly from ali's album - and that's ok too
thanks for the inspiration ali!

gift-wrapping' the pillars outside our central railway station
way cool, and right now it's wrapped in the cricket world cup colours.

one of the MANY reasons wellington is the coolest little capital in the world!

same page showing the back of the day 17 3x8 insert

 i took the idea of the 3x8 insert from Week in the Life and turned them into 4x8 back-to-back photos two or three times throughout this album

or cut down the [4x] 3x4 page protectors into a [2x] 3x4 page

mikaela's idea to recreate the Christmas 1998 photo was genius and the girls totally embraced it.  the 15 second video of the blooper reel is on my instagram feed

4x6 photos back to back

i particularly enjoyed using the 6x8 digital templates

and typewritten journalling straight onto the photo

and because i need closure (lol), i complete the entire month

taking another leaf out of ali's book, the 26th included a list of photos i DIDN'T take

*happy sigh*

Thursday, December 18, 2014

December Daily: Days 1 - 13

hot on the heels of my Week in the Life completion (well, there was an overlap if the truth be told, but i tried to be very disciplined and finish one project before starting another!) comes December Daily.

again, i ordered ali's kit online, and we were treated to TWICE the number of patterned papers AND free international shipping.

just because.  yay.

thanks ali 

so here's my title page
nice and simple

'my reason why' page not yet done

i also bought several of ali's digital templates and have had a lot of fun with them

while there's no right or wrong way to approach this project, my december daily is more of a december 'diary' - in that i like the album to reflect what happened every day of december, rather than it being totally christmas or holiday focussed.

looking back on last year's DD, i love that i included a diary entry every day because it's detail i would never remember otherwise. 

i also love the opportunity to focus on one particular story as well, as i did on dec 2nd

i love adhering 2 photos back to back and having them 'float' in the album

the DD kit is so comprehensive with tonnes of embellishments

including these giant gold letters, AND the transparency pages which i cut in half vertically to use as dividers

see that troll?

it's a CAKE!!!
(which i did NOT make i hasten to add)

journalling yet to be added to day 12

borrowed another idea from ali and used the white of the bridge in the photo to add journalling

i also bought some good quality printer paper and have printed the journalling pages myself

i'm SO enjoying this project and can't wait to share the rest with you

happy december daily!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Week in the Life 2014 - COMPLETE

yay i finished it!

The Week in the Life project this year spanned Monday October 27 through until Sunday November 2, and it was a fantastic opportunity to see our daily life in closer detail.

i discovered that even though i feel like our lives don't have much routine these days, that there IS routine to be found in everyday activities 

- and with routine comes the opportunity for gratitude

this is the first time using one of Ali's kits
i love what she's done with her new website and i'm so happy to support her 're-branding' and the incorporation of her store.  i've purchased and downloaded several of her layered templates and love working with them

i think it was her assistant katie's idea to use the 2 x 2 page for photos, so i ran with that
here i've included a picture of every member of our family with a few words (typed on in photoshop) about each person, i.e. for me i wrote "sue/51/zumba/memory keeping/looking for work

the 3x8 sleeves were awesome

a couple of times during the album i adhered 2 photos together and 'floated' them

the pale blue foam thickers weren't in the kit

i also used ali's idea of getting myself in front of the camera EVERY day, and on wednesday i put my canon 60D on top of two tissue boxes and used the remote to take a picture

here i cut a 3x4 [4 pocket] sleeve in half vertically AND then cut a 4x6 [2 pocket] sleeve in half horizontally.  it looks like a 3x4 pocket but it's just two photos printed on the one photo

at the back i used one of the 6x8 sleeves to include memorabilia from the week
(receipts, movie stubs etc)

i'm really happy with it

- and now onto december daily!!!