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Saturday, July 18, 2015

week in the life 2015

week in the life 2015 is happening this august 17th

i'm excited!

not because as it turns out, i have a lot on that week
i'd be excited if my week involved nothing more than zumba, boxing, going to the supermarket too many times, and hanging out at home.

no - i'm excited just to document the week
whatever it brings

...but wow.

when i dug out this photo from WitL 2014 to add ali's wordart, i took a moment to look at my photos from that week.

when i did this project in october last year, i had 4 daughters living in wellington.
now i have two

when i did this project in october last year i had 4 cats
now i have two

one daughter was studying full time and working part-time
now she's working full-time and saving to go live in london

a year can bring a lot of changes and yet there are some things that are still [thankfully] the same, and i look forward to documenting them all.

for those of you that know me, i'll be taking even MORE photos than i usually do...;)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Day in the Life: Tuesday May 12, 2015

i was justing starting to wonder when we might next do this project when Ali posted about it

so yay!

i took in excess of 72 photos, but that's how many ended up in aperture
with 111178 photos (yes, you read that right) currently sitting in my photo library, i'm under pressure from hubby to only keep what's necessary!

26 of those 72 photos were taken with my CANON 60D - the 'around the house' photos.
the rest were taken with my iPhone 6

it was a good day!!!

i've used one of ali's slanted templates to give a snapshot of what everyone in the family is doing right now (not all family members pictured)

it's 8.5 x 11 and i'll probably get it printed at ZAZZLE, as i've done in the past.


Mother Nature flexing her muscles...

the easiest way to explain how i know Kim is to say that eventually she and Zoe will be sisters-in-law (i.e. they will marry brothers)

Kim also helped Mikaela get her current job and they now work together

and here she is!
She's already won the 'newbies' race to 10 sales and tomorrow she'll win a Customer Service Award

hard work = results.  always.

Talk about 4 seasons in one day!

She left the house for a 7am netball practice, so this is the first time today i'm seeing her

i never tire of this view

after doing december daily in 2013, i can tell you that this bouganvillea usually flowers in early december

for whatever reason, this is all we got this past summer.  what little bloom there was came very late

have i mentioned before that my food bag has changed my life?
ok yes, maybe once or 10 times

18 months we've been getting organic and free range meal ingredients and recipes delivered every sunday night and I. LOVE. IT.

no-one ever complains that we have the same thing twice.

EVER.  coz we don't.

the days of everyone eating together around the table are LONG.GONE.

we eat at ALL hours and not all at the same time, but that's just a sign of the times.

thank goodness for sunday night family dinners at the TABLE.

so - thoughts on day in the life?

once again, i'm grateful for the opportunity to see the things that are the SAME and things that are DIFFERENT.

grateful for the opportunity to document the minutiae of daily life.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

52 little things i'm grateful for right now

this was the title of ali edwards' blog post that landed in my inbox this morning, and ali asked us when was the last time we made a similar list.  no time like the present eh ali?

ali's list was 39 long because she's 39.  ergo my list will be 52 long...

1. i'm thankful for 40th birthdays parties.  plural.  YUSSS

2. i'm thankful for handmade cards

3. i'm thankful for my food bag.  you have  seriously.

4. i'm thankful for the opportunities that are available to my children that will inevitably take them to places far away

5. i'm thankful for the wings Clive and I are giving them

6. i'm thankful for first world medicine

7. i'm thankful for the opportunity to be involved in last weekend's ANZAC commemorations

8. i'm thankful for memory keeping

9. i'm thankful for my morning coffee

10. i'm thankful for my morning newspaper

11. i'm thankful for my friends

12. i'm thankful for honesty

13. i'm thankful for carpooling

14. i'm thankful for the radio NZ app that allows me to listen anywhere anytime.  GOD i love apps!  there REALLY is an app for everything!

15. i'm thankful for I HEART RADIO.  where have you been all my life and why have i not discovered the joys of you before? 

16. i'm thankful for WASGIJs and a large dining room table on which to do them

17. i'm thankful for lego and the fisher price dolls house.  i've kept ours and are saving them for the day when my grandchildren come to visit.  they got played with yesterday by a friend's children.  the kids didn't want to leave my house and can't wait to come back.  PS: i just googled 'fisher price dolls house' and the one that's the same as mine is now VINTAGE.  Ha!!!

18. i'm thankful for good lighting

19. i'm thankful for our clean burning pellet fire

20. i'm thankful for mr sid who likes to keep me company in my scrap room-cum-office

21. i'm thankful for lunch with my eldest

22. i'm thankful for airpoints so my 2nd eldest can fly home to graduate

23. i'm thankful for zumba

24. i'm thankful for project life secret swaps

25. i'm thankful for boxing

26. i'm thankful for bacon

27. i'm thankful for grabaseat which allows me to book cheap flights for my parents to come stay mothers' day weekend

28. i'm thankful for book recommendations.  i'm currently reading 'the girl on the train'.  thanks for that TOO ali!

29. i'm thankful for the ASB Arena roof which means we never get cold or wet watching saturday netball

30. i'm thankful for a month's free trial of netflix

31. i'm thankful for movies

32. i'm thankful for ANZAC biscuits

33. i'm thankful for good company

34. i'm thankful for knowing and owning my strengths

35. i'm thankful for ed sheeran's love of new zealand.  he's coming back in december and i'm taking my girls

36. i'm thankful for covered carparks at the supermarket on a rainy day

37. i'm thankful for ed sheeran pre-sale tickets

38. i'm thankful for pinot gris

39. i'm thankful for good television ("how to get away with murder").  no spoilers please my american friends! ;)

40. i'm thankful for the times when other people wear the "organiser's" hat

41. i'm thankful for our waterfront, especially on a still night

42. i'm thankful for gifted comedians

43. i'm thankful for sports coaches who maintain an interest in your child beyond the end of the season

44. i'm thankful for daughters who communicate their successes

45. i'm thankful for my sewing machine.  it's old and still works, and there's a lot to be said for that.  this applies to many things!

46. i'm thankful for the mojo monday sketch blog, who provide me with some great card making inspiration

47. i'm thankful for clothes swaps and friends who wear the same size and colour as me, and look FAB in those clothes

48. i'm thankful for online shopping

49. i'm thankful for bloggers

50. i'm thankful for the opportunity to attend TWO graduation ceremonies next month

51. i'm thankful for the perseverance of my 3rd born child

52. i'm thankful for my husband

do you feel like making your own list?

go on then...:)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

...and then she scrapped, and it was gooood

i'm pretty proud of myself for finishing my december daily and not getting distracted with other layouts that were begging to be done.

yes, these photos are almost 6 months old, but i'd already had them printed and the layouts came together quite quickly and it was so nice to scrap a traditional layout.

the first layout is inspired by a class that trina mcclune [coincidentally] ran 2 days before mikaela's birthday.  the kits provided are always so generous that there's plenty of product leftover to re-create favourite layouts.

the facing page is basically a pocket page with another photo taken [down at our harbour] on the same day.  the paper is double sided and i just had to use both sides!

additional photos, the menu from our family dinner that night, receipts from the day, and of course 'the interview' complete the page.

Friday, March 20, 2015

December Daily: Days 14-31

yes it's march and i've only just finished my december daily

what's your point?

sometimes life gets in the way of documenting your life
oh yes it does

i'm congratulating myself on finishing this, and am really happy with the finished product.  i know i'm going to enjoy picking up this album in a couple of months' time, and ESPECIALLY when december 2015 rolls around, to see what's changed (and what's stayed the same).

i'm LOVING ali edward's kits (i did 'day in the life' back in october and have just ordered my first story kit).

my DD kit looks like it was hardly used and have plenty of product to use this year or on other christmas-themed projects.

some days i struggled that my DD wasn't christmas-themed every day (as ali's is), but then i reminded myself that it's MY album and no-one else.

one of katelin's oldest friends started an album for katelin's best friend during december and it turned out to be a mammoth project - which she DID complete, but that's not the point.  i LOVED having her at the house and in the next room - 2 generations crafting, and i loved that she could use my 'stash'.

some of my foundation pages are lifted directly from ali's album - and that's ok too
thanks for the inspiration ali!

gift-wrapping' the pillars outside our central railway station
way cool, and right now it's wrapped in the cricket world cup colours.

one of the MANY reasons wellington is the coolest little capital in the world!

same page showing the back of the day 17 3x8 insert

 i took the idea of the 3x8 insert from Week in the Life and turned them into 4x8 back-to-back photos two or three times throughout this album

or cut down the [4x] 3x4 page protectors into a [2x] 3x4 page

mikaela's idea to recreate the Christmas 1998 photo was genius and the girls totally embraced it.  the 15 second video of the blooper reel is on my instagram feed

4x6 photos back to back

i particularly enjoyed using the 6x8 digital templates

and typewritten journalling straight onto the photo

and because i need closure (lol), i complete the entire month

taking another leaf out of ali's book, the 26th included a list of photos i DIDN'T take

*happy sigh*